Power trio from Tampa Florida reshaping the mainstream one hook laden rock and roll song at a time. CHB is made up of 3 young but battle worn musicians who have been on stage since their early teens. With Ryan Tatum on bass, Tony Rook on drums and Caleb Hyers on guitar and vocals the Tampa Trio is making a name for themselves with their groove ​based rock and roll.

Caleb has been writing and playing guitar for over eight years as well as performing in ​the Tampa Bay area and beyond for the better part of the last six. He is a singer songwriter ​​who writes what he feels without compromise and performs with the same​ emotion ​and conviction. He has been called "Earnestly honest and engaging" by Carrie T. Gruman ​of Thomas Nelson Publishers. This twenty three old is no stranger to the stage bringinga natural energy and presence that transcends his years.

Tony Rook is a drummer, programmer, songwriter, session artist, producer and ​engineer whose passions for life are felt in every single infectious groove he lays down. ​His love of drumming is viciously apparent as he performs and is not limited to a single ​feel, vibe or style. Tony’s percussive control and vicious groove attack give the Caleb ​Hyers Band an immensity in any venue. ​​

​Ryan Tatum is a multi-instrumentalist with a touch for pretty much everything. His smooth bass licks and undeniable pocket give the Caleb Hyers Band an infectious groove with a feel that births out of Ryan's creative perspective. Such a perspective brings something completely different to the groups sound and completes the ruckus onslaught of grooving material that is CHB. Ryan is an entrepreneur with his own music academy where he teaches almost every stringed instrument.

Do not be fooled by their seemingly insignificant setup...When this trio gets on stage you will be blown right out of your seat and then quickly forget how to sit back down. Prepare yourself for a good time.​​
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